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Silent Trac by Current - Motorized Drapery Track

Ultra quiet motorized drapery track; perfect for any application. Visit for more.

New Designs for a Better Track

Pin Ripple carriers have been designed to create a "Ripplefold" look without the snaps, which eliminates the need for a workroom to sew snaps onto curtains, and makes installation easier and take less time.


In lieu of snaps, a flat panel curtain is pinned at various spacing based on the desired fullness and/or panel width.


String spacing options remain standard: 1.875" (120%), 2.125" (100%), 2.375" (80%), and 2.625" (60%), but altering pin spacing allows for far more freedom, including the freedom to use standard panel widths for odd sized tracks (or vice versa) and make full use of the curtain to eliminate any stack back left while the curtain is fully closed. 

Communication Protocols

There are two available communication protocols for the Silent Trac: a proprietary 434.625 Mhz FM protocol, as well as a Zigbee protocol.

The Zigbee platform allows for integration into existing or new home automation systems by connecting our bridge to the platform, or using a third party Zigbee hub. By using our proprietary bridge, users gain access to the mobile app, providing robust control over the devices, from anywhere.

Multiple Power Options

The Silent Trac offers users the ability to choose from several power options. These include: low voltage wall plugs available in 9V or 12V, rechargeable lithium ion batteries available in 7.4v and 11.1v with a standard charger or a solar powered window mounted charger, D Cell battery in 6 or 8 battery options, as well as power and control over CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6.

Each pendant is interchangeable, and linear speed can be selected based on power supply voltage.

Ultra Quiet Operation

The drapery track motor and housing is built with sound dampening technology to be the quietest motor on the market. This, paired with ultra-quiet carriers, allow for near silent operation.

Design Aesthetic

The proprietary fascia design uses clips to connect the fascia directly to the drapery track. Clips snap into the top of the track, then protruding features on the back of the fascia snap into the clip mouth. Aluminum fascias are offered in heights of 1.5” and 3.0”, while fabric covered fascias are offered in 3.0”, 4.0”, 7.0”, and 11.0”.

Carrier arm style and orientation are extremely personal choices, so to accommodate the variety of preferences, we offer a variety of traditional and proprietary carrier arms for Pinch Pleat, Ripplefold, and Pin Ripple carriers.

The drapery track was designed with an understanding that most drapery motors on the market today create a bulge in the curtain at the end of the track. Our motor is slimmer and the curvature works with the curtain to create a natural end appearance with hook slots so the curtain can wrap all the way around the return.

Control Options

The Silent Trac can be controlled in a variety of ways, including manually via a pull down or push up of the pendant, manually via smart assist, via remote control, and through optionally integrated light and temperature sensors. Zigbee drapery tracks can be controlled the same ways, but also allow for both smart phone app and voice integration through our bridge device.

The Pendant not only holds the user’s desired power supply; it also acts as a method of control. By pulling down and/or pushing up on the pendant, users can open, stop, and close the drapery.

Smart assist allows users to pull the curtain along the track for 4” or more and have the curtain complete the movement towards open or close automatically. Smart assist comes enabled on all drapery tracks, but can be easily disabled.

The optional multi or single channel handheld remote control has a magnetic backing so users can place the remote on any magnetic surface, including the magnetic wall mounted plate included with each remote. Multi-channel remotes have five channels and an all channel capability. The Current Touch capacitive touch wall mounted or desktop remote controls are available as a dual slider for dual draperies, or as a single slider with five channels and an all channel.

If desired, the drapery track can be installed with an optional control box, which houses a light and temperature sensor. The control box is to be mounted behind the curtain near the window, and the Pendant hangs from beneath to streamline control. Each sensor has three modes: Off, Semi-Automatic, and Fully Automatic. Modes are reflected in LEDs adjacent to the buttons for each sensor. 

The smart phone app is available with the Zigbee drapery track when paired with our proprietary bridge. The app includes functionality to create and control individual devices, groups, scenes, and schedules.  Voice control is an option with or without our bridge through Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Zigbee drapery tracks can connect directly to an Echo Plus with the built in Zigbee hub, or to any other native Zigbee hub. With our bridge, users can connect via the bridge to any Alexa or Google Home device and download the MyCurtains skill in the Alexa app.

Home, Office, and Hospitality

The Silent Trac by Current is the premier track drapery solution for homes, offices, and hospitality settings. Not only are there multiple power and control options, but there are design choices available to make sure the track meets the needs of every customer. These choices include various fascia width and finish options, innovative new carrier and carrier arm designs, interchangeable power options, and a variety of control methods.