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Current Trends in Window Coverings

The most important consideration when purchasing or upgrading window coverings is decreasing the home’s energy consumption, but the second most important thing to consider is what the trends are. Here are 5 popular window trends the industry is seeing grow.

  • Colors

  • “Green” window treatments

  • Embellishments and Patterns

  • Organic, natural look

  • “Metallics”- Fabric and Stainless Steel


Depending on the room, there are two options tending in drapery color. The first is light, summer colors of yellow and green in sheer fabrics that allow in a soft glow from the natural light while still maintaining privacy. This option does not do much to stop heat infiltration, but it looks great in large, airy spaces.

The second trend in drapery color are jewel tones. Amethyst purple, ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue- these colors will be sure to add a luxurious element to your space.

"Green" Window Treatments. Eco-Friendly window treatments are in vogue. Consumers are paying close attention to the environmental impact of the products they purchase, and manufacturers are starting to catch on. Many window treatment manufacturers are starting to make their products out of sustainable, non-toxic, natural materials that keep heat out in the summer and let heat in during the winter. Some window coverings are “greener” than others, as they provide advanced insulation to minimize heat infiltration and loss.

Embellishments and Patterns.

Beaded tassels, bold prints, and embellished valences can define a room when chosen correctly. Certain fabrics or patterns making use of light, airy summer colors of green and yellow add a touch of fun to a space. Finding patterned draperies with bold jewel tones kicks up the elegance in a large, regal area. When using patterns, be cautious of clashing with furniture or other bold accessories. To spruce up an existing drapery or blind, add a patterned or embellished valance or new decorative hardware.

Organic, Natural Look.

Natural window coverings can feel as regal and elegant as jeweled tones depending on the space. These natural window coverings include the use of canvas, bamboo, linen panels, and woven shades. This trend is becoming more prevalent as consumers turn towards more Eco-friendly products.

Metallics. The use of metal as a decorative element in window coverings is becoming more and more popular. Stainless steel embellishments create a contemporary feel that enhances a traditional space, and compliments a modern space.

‘Metallic’ fabrics in gold, silver, and bronze are taking the stage. These window coverings are neutral enough not to replace the focal point of the room, but bold enough to be a stunning design element. Metallic fabrics paired with metal drapery hardware is contemporary, while still paying homage to the traditional drapery.

These drapery trends are burgeoning in the window coverings industry and can be paired easily with motorized drapery hardware, allowing consumers the ability to further customize their window coverings.

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